Now that the debate is underway, here are some things to consider!

How could an instructor use debate in an English Classroom?

Huckleberry Finn Curriculum

Encourage Research & Participation

  • Lead students towards the use of authoritative sources.Require at least three arguments in student presentations.
  • Encourage students to present positions concisely and professionally.
  • Clearly present debate/participation objectives

Provide Feedback

  • Provide timely and accurate feedback according to your rubric or objectives.
  • Guide students towards more in-depth explorations by asking probing questions.
  • Consider private feedback if necessary.
  • Encourage non-participants to speak by addressing them directly.
  • Make feedback constructive, not negative.
  • Post exemplary examples of student work

How could an education professor use debate in his classroom?

School Uniform Curriculum

How can debate be used in a class about business administration?

Leadership Styles Curriculum


Evaluate Student Perfomance

  • Evaluate students according to your rubric.
  • Check that your established evaluation methods are followed by all students.
  • Ensure that the 9 Principles of Good Debating are followed by debaters.
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