Carol Dudding is coordinator of a distance education program in speech language pathology. She is also a doctoral student in the Instructional Technology program at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia. Her primary interests are in the area of distance learning.

Adrienne Gauthier is a graduate student in the Instructional Technology program at UVa and a teaching assistant (2001-2002) in the Astronomy Department focusing on public outreach and education. During the Fall 2002-2003 year she will be working for Tim Slater at the University of Arizona on astronomy, teacher education, and distance learning projects as she finishes her M.Ed. at UVa.

Naysan Naderi is a graduate student in Instructional Technology at the University of Virginia. He has taught high school math and is working to help educators integrate technology and learning.

Tammy Scot is a Curriculum Technology Integration Partner for a Paul H. Cale Elementary School in Albemarle County where she serves as a resource to
teachers in integrating technology into their classrooms. She is also a graduate fellow in the Center for Technology and Teacher Education at the University of Virginia, teaching several university courses as she completes her doctoral degree in Instructional Technology.

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