Let us now introduce our Asynchronous Discussion Guide!

The Asynchronous Discussion Guide is the culmination of everything that you have learned and reflected upon in the Discover, Participate, and Reflect sections. The guide is a 1 page summary of this module! You will get the most of our guide if you have gone through the entire module and not just clicked on the ADG link and gotten here! *wink*

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Additionally, we have the guide in template form for you to add any personal notes or details that you want to remember. In this way, we hope that the new knowledge you have gained from this module can be synthesized and applied to your own course.

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We wish you well in your online design endeavors! Please take a moment and give us feedback on our website so that we may improve our resource for future instructional designers!

Thank you for visiting us!

Carol, Adrienne, Naysan, and Tammy!

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